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Would you like hand relief, Sir

Body Massage in Hong Kong?

If you decide to go for a body massage in just about any part of South East Asia, be it Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia,you will be in Fap Reviews and  you will enter a relaxed and gentle environment where the massage room is cool and dark, and where the attractive but diminutive masseuse invites you to get naked and lie on the massage bed with the cutaway for your face.

For twenty minutes or so you can lose yourself in the relaxing rubbing, slapping and manipulating of the masseuse attending to your legs, your arms, your back, your shoulders, your neck. But then just as you begin to feel there is nothing left to massage, the girl will ask you to turn over. You obediently oblige, and as you turn around she demurely holds a sheet in front of her eyes so that she cannot see you fully naked.

She sets to work on your legs again, and gradually, ever so subtly, she will start to home in on your crotch. There’s a nerve along the top inner part of the thigh that all well trained masseuses know how to manipulate. With a few strokes of her hand along this area, you suddenly find yourself with an unavoidable boner that begs for attention.

It’s then that the question hangs in the air like the aroma from the scented candles:

“Would you like hand relief, Sir?”

Hand relief is a polite way of asking if you would like her to grab hold of your aching cock and male masturbate you to a rousing finale.  Because she has pressed all the right buttons, and because she is cute and Oriental, you are gagging for hand relief. But before she lays a skilful finger on your cock, first you have to negotiate. Because this is not covered by your massage, this is over time for your massage babe.

Oh, she wants it as much as you do, but for purely financial reasons. So she mentions a price, and you have to beat her down, and then she suggests another price and you beat her down a little more until finally you want to scream “ok, ok, just stroke my cock pleeeeeeze!” But you can’t do that, you have to make it appear that for you it’s take it or leave it, you are completely indifferent.

Depending on your massage parlour you may also be asked if you want ’suck and fuck’ instead of hand relief. Or if you are in Thailand, that girl could offer to get all lubed-up and massage you with her naked body. Try saying no to hand relief after that performance.

So she does the business, and because she keeps massaging this part of your thigh and then strokes your balls, you come  hard and intensely and it feels great.

If you go back and ask for the same girl next time you will get a discount. After the third  visit you should be able to get her to quit the massage parlour and give it to you for free

How to Know If Your Loved One is Cheating

Is Your Guy Cheating on You?

No one wants to be cheated on, and sometimes when we let our minds wander we jump to conclusions a little hastily. Still, if you’re concerned that your loved one is cheating on you, the last thing you want to do is make an unwarranted accusation that could cost you your relationship. Here are some signs that could indicate they are cheating, and that you should watch for.
Any change in behavior can be an indicator that your loved one is hiding something, but when it comes specifically to someone cheating a person tends to pull away.

This will start with conversations, even when they spend time with you they’re not talking about their day or their life and seem disinterested in yours. They may also become quickly irritated when you try and talk to them and use negative deflections to try and put you in the wrong or make you feel bad. If this is something that continuously happens without an explanation, it might be a sign that they are cheating on you.
Partners who have a generally high sex drive who suddenly seem disinterested in sex are likely to be getting that sex from somewhere else. Be sure before you bring this up that there isn’t something else going on such as depression or even a new medication that may diminish their sex drive. After you’ve ruled those out and made multiple attempts to improve or increase your sex drive, it might be time to discuss the possibility of your loved one cheating.
The biggest indicator, though, of someone cheating is constant little lies especially regarding where they’ve been. Sometimes it’s hard to know if they’re lying but when they’re caught in that lie, they’ll make more and more excuses. Many times a cheater will have one friend that they use as their back-up story for where they were, and often it’s without the friend’s knowledge, so if your partner is spending a lot of time with someone that they didn’t used to before, you might want to talk to that friend.
With all of these possible signs of your partner cheating on you, it is very important to keep in mind that any of these by themselves, or even all together, does not mean your partner is definitely cheating on you. However if you’re noticing these signs the best thing you can do is sit down with your partner, tell them what you’ve noticed, and what you’re concerned about. They may be able to relieve your concerns, but at least be prepared at the possibility your assumptions might be right.